Copper Cove Association

The Copper Cove Association  was originally constituted in 1969 as the Copper Cove at Lake Tulloch Owners Association when the residential development on the shoreline around Lake Tulloch began.

CCA is comprised of over 2,000 properties in the Copper Cove subdivision of Copperopolis, California. Nearly 4,000 people live in the Copperopolis area with most of those residents living within the Copper Cove Association.

Copper Cove Features

CCA  features a  park facility, meeting hall, workout room, recreational center on Lake Tulloch, boat launch facility, equestrian facilities, and a baseball park.

Board of Directors

The operations of the association are overseen by a Board of Directors composed of five home owners elected for two year terms by members.

The director seats are rotated with three elected one year and two others the following year.


CCA is currently managed by a company called Consortium CID.
Their on-site Manager is Aaron Green.

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