November 2019

Three seats were up for election in 2019

The 2019 Election was originally scheduled for September, 2019; however, there were some issues: the ballots that originally were sent out needed to be re-done ( I am not clear on the reasons why). There was a letter sent out to all members that said the Board felt it was in the best interest of the Association.

All candidates had to re-submit their registration for being included in the election. The second set of ballots included nine candidates.

The final election results were:

Denise DeMartini  249
Bert Soske  211
Andrew Bunch  198
David Meyers  197
Barbara Neville  190
Sheldon Toso  150
Marilynn Meyer  103
Nancy Grimes Henderson  102
John R. Way  91

Three seats were filled with this election. The winners were Denise DeMartini, Bert Soske and Andrew Bunch.

You can see that there was a tight margin of 1 between David Meyers and Andrew Bunch. This is a clear illustration of how important every vote is!

Another unusual incident during this election was that two sitting members of the Board left their term early for different reasons: Jack Cox and Doug Oliver. Rather than waiting to fill the open positions in the upcoming election, they put un-voted members into their seats: Bert Soske filled Jack Cox’s seat and Mary Braly took over as President for Doug Oliver.

Bert Soske’s position was included in the election, and he was eventually voted in; however, Mary Braly’s position was not technically up for a vote until the following year (2020), so she was on the board seat for a year as an un-elected Board Member.

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