Sheldon Toso

My name is Sheldon Toso. I have lived in the area since 1988. I am recently retired having worked for the past twenty-one years as an association manger for a large scale Association. I was also a Director candidate in our recently failed election.

In my previous candidate statement, I indicated that an Association is not a good thing, and I would move to dissolve it if enough members wish to do so. From comments/actions I have received, I get the feeling that some members are thinking that I may be some kind of troublemaker. I am NOT!

I feel that my many years of experience as a Certified Association Manager in the Association industry and my knowledge of the Davis-Stirling Act would be Very beneficial in avoiding the past mistakes of the Board. Examples of the mistakes are; the CC&R’s changes and the failed election, both of which have caused hardships to its members.

I do not support the current recommended changes to our Association’s CC&R’s and Bylaws prepared at the request of The Board of Directors (Board) to their legal counsel. What the Board submitted to its membership was a boilerplate document that has been developed for associations in general. We, the membership, do not need a control document that adds another level of bureaucracy and that takes away one’s property rights. A control document that allows the Board another level of controls that will impose increased restrictions on the membership. Most, if not all, of the proposed restrictions in the draft document are already imposed on the membership by the State of California (Davis-Stirling Act) and Calaveras County (Building Dept, Public Works, Code Compliance). What our Association needs is a simplified set of documents (CC&R’s and Bylaws) that protect our property rights and values. Adding teeth to these documents (as stated by one of the current Directors) is adding additional powers to the Board, which in time will impose limitations on a member’s property rights and our property values. In our current documents, we should eliminate the added level of bureaucracy imposed by the Architectural Control Board (ACB). Members do not need someone to tell them that they need gutters, their roof pitch is wrong, their walls are too high, their paint color is unacceptable, etc, etc, etc.

Another of my issues with Associations/Boards is transparency, regarding the notification and information to its members. I feel there is an opportunity for a great deal of improvement in the Boards action with this requirement.

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement. If you have questions, please feel free to call me (during normal daylight hours) at 209-768-2340.

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