Marilynn Meyer

Marilynn Meyer — CCLTOA Board Candidate

Although I am a CA Real Estate Broker  – DRE # 00459901 – I taught real estate classes at Sacramento City College, founded Calif Lobby and obtained a BA from CSUS in 1986, my most important qualification to be a Board Member is that I commit to following the law -CCLTOA Governing Documents -CA Corp Code and Davis Stirling Act.

1. The Governing Documents do not need to be revised because they are outdated any more than the US Constitution is outdated.

2. CCLTOA needs to manage itself. We should have Committees that meet, have minutes and function monthly.

3. The Copper Cove Web needs to be exclusive to members and not open to the world to read our business.

4. Debris Burning should be eliminated as it causes wild fires, health problems for folks with heart and lung issues.

5. The Board should not be about ruling over the membership, but allowing the entire membership to be heard and matter.

The Election Cancellation was due to the Board allowing the last Ballot to go out with a Candidate that owned no property in CCLTOA and write ins which is forbidden in our Election Rules 2013.

I emailed the Board and CID Consortium and Attorney Jacobsen the fact that the Election/Ballots were Fraudulent BEFORE Aaron Green office manager put the Ballot together and mailed them out.

If anyone wishes to have a copy of that email, I will email it you. 916-444-2020. If elected I will be available 24/7 to the membership at

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