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1 THEY NEVER HAD AN OLD FAT AND HANDICAPPED VETERAN DIRECTOR BEFORE (I looked it up. Closest they had is 2 out of 3. Trouble with that is they ain’t Meat Loaf.) 2 Have experience managing a nonprofit (ours httos:// Veterans Services).501(c)3 residential disability service center and Veterans advocate program

3 Have experience both hiring volunteers as well as motivating those who are already here. I see it as a priority to get this Association to a point where people care enough about it to show up at the meetings and voice both their concerns as well as their appreciations. Whether you actually live here or just own property here this is YOUR association and you SHOULD care enough about what happens in it to either show up or login and participate in a Skype session which we can also implement without much trouble since so many owners live out-of-town.


4 Like many others here, I wish to do something about the problem of wasting money on the retention/hiring of outside and/or third-party firms to perform work we can do ourselves once B) above is improved.

The money saved can go towards creating and allowing disability-adapted environments not only just around Association property but also around town as well. With the high concentration of Veterans, seniors and/or disabled individuals here, we need to be made to feel just as welcome our more able-bodied and more able-minded neighbor-owners.

5 Preparing for Growth. Anybody that has eyes and/or access to the Internet or TV can see that a large percentage of the Southern Mother Lode is experiencing unprecedented growth. Like us lots of talented people are being priced out of the Bay Area and Sacramento, and can’t tolerate the high crime or the heat/cold of the San Joaquin Valley.

6 Image. We already know we have a beautiful community now we all need to start pitching in military—style and both improve our image to flatlanders and city-dwellers that not only are we NOT a place you get dumped in because you couldn’t afford anything else but that there ARE people that move here on PURPOSE and either like it from the beginning or end up liking it. BIO:

A) Lived here since 2014 (see #4 and #6 above).

B) 70 year old Disabled American Vietnam Veteran. 4 out of 5 of us are overweight or obese.

C) Our nonprofit organization servicing morbidly obese men over 40 was started in the South Bay. ABC News story about our first patient seen here in this video gave us our first exposure here: httns://—with-multiple-health-issues-faces-eviction/3 10049 He is still here, along with Tim my ex—foster-son in the video and since then we have assisted many other men in the same, better or worse situation regain their 3 V’s of Vigor Vim and Vitality.

So Vote for John R Way He’s Guaranteed to Stay and Get the Job Done Right

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