David Meyers

Hello my name is David Meyers. I am 56 years old and a semi retired general contractor. I have recently purchased my house at 4491 Lakeshore Ct. My wife and I have three girls age 33,15 and 13 We love the lake and have been coming here for years before we bought here.

I Have served on the board of the HOA in my small neighborhood in Danville in the past, where is was also thought that the CC&Fls “needed” to be updated due to the laws changing. It looks like the changes the current Copper Cove HOA is proposing is not just to keep up with current laws, but also to start telling everyone what to do, when to do it, how tow to do it, and f you don’t conform to their proposed changes, you will be in violation of the CC&R rules and could be fined or have a lien put on your property.

If I am elected to the the board I will not be supporting any of those ideals. think we have enough rules and laws in this state and I don’t want to see it start happening here. If I am elected I will use the money raised from the HOA dues to improve the common areas and maintain the infrastructure in a financially responsible manner.

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