Tarantula Season

We saw our first tarantula of the year on our porch a couple of nights ago.

I put it in a large jar so my daughter could see it before we let it go further out in the woods.

As August fades into September we tend to see more of these critters crossing the road or scurrying around the porch. From what I have read, tarantulas that live here are generally nocturnal and feed on baby rattlesnakes, insects, lizards and scorpions.

We start seeing them at this time of year because the males are looking for a mate. They will travel up to a mile searching for a female to mate with.

Tarantulas are certainly creepy looking, but the venom released by their fangs is harmless to humans. However, they are covered in stinging hairs which can release when the tarantula is threatened, but this causes nothing more than mild skin irritation and has no lasting harmful effects.

If you see them, try to keep yourself from squishing them and let it go about its business. They are beneficial predators in our natural ecosystem!

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